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Licensed Veterinary Technician


April has her Bachelors in Zoology as well as a Bachelors in Veterinary Technology from Michigan State University. She has been employed with Companion Animal since February 2014.  April is an avid reader, and can often be found following her favorite authors at book signings. She also enjoys a video games, a good movie or television show.



Vet/Tech Assistant

Brooke joined the team August 2023. Brooke has had a passion for vet med ever since she was a wee one. She has owned all kinds of critters over the years. Brooke and her Wife recently became homeowners to a fixer upper that will keep them busy for a bit. They have 2 cats Henry and Chloe and 2 dogs Kopper (pictured) and Lucy. Brooke enjoys hanging with family, bonfires and music. 

Gideon Potter.jpg


Gideon, who belongs to our LVT April. He is the staff support animal. Any time you're feeling down, Gideon is sure to cheer you up. He gives the BEST hugs! He enjoys long walks on the beach, playing in the hose, milk bones and most of all our mailman Joe! He is not your typical German Shepherd. He has our hearts! 

Boo Bear.jpg


 Walter was a wee one when he first joined us at the clinic in the fall of 2017 (he was just 6 weeks old!) We have raised him over the past 4 years, so naturally he's rather spoiled. He enjoys a daily nap (or four), lying in one of his 14 beds (although that might be an understatement), eating the occasional treat or two, and supervising surgery. He has several different names around here. One thing is for sure he has all our hearts!



Benny came to us as a stray in December 2018. He is our greeter. He loves to hang out by the windows and get free pets while clients are standing there. Benny loves big brother Walt, they have the best bond and are the best of friends. Benny is very playful and loves to hang out on the laps of his favorite gals here at the clinic.

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