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At Companion Animal, we provide care for all cats and dogs

Wellness Exams

Complete physical exams are performed to check the overall health of your pet.  


Spay & Neuter

Spay & Neuter is recommended for pets that are at least 4-5 months of age. Benefits of fixing your pet include decreased risk of certain cancers, pyometras, behavioral and hormonal issues, and unwanted pregnancy.


Emergency Care

We do not offer after hour services but, we recommend taking your animal to The Animal Emergency and Specialty Hospital of Byron Center on Edgeview Ave SW or Blue Pearl Animal Hospital in Grand Rapids.


We offer a variety of vaccines including rabies, distemper (DHPP, DHLPP, PCR), bordetella (Injectable or oral), Lymes, Canine Influenza and Feline Leukemia. See our Puppy/Kitten page for more details on vaccine schedules for your pet.


Our veterinarians offer a wide range of surgical procedures and many years of experience.


Microchips are ideally inserted under anesthesia but can be scheduled as an appointment anytime. Our price includes administering the microchip and registering it with

In-House Labwork

Bloodwork can be ran in-house to check for things like organ function, complete blood count, heartworms, glucose, FELV/FIV, and thyroid.

Dental Care

Dentals should be performed every 6-12 months... just like people! Anesthesia is required for dentals.


In house radiographs (xrays) can be taken for various reasons. We also offer OFA radiographs for certification.

In house ultrasound is available for routine procedures as well as a tool for diagnostics.

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